Product Owner

Candidati per questa posizione

In a Nutshell

In this role you will own the product backlog and the creation and delivery of all backlog items. That includes gathering feature requests, continual prioritisation of the backlog, sprint planning and daily interactions with a development squad who will bring your features to life.



  1. Responsible for managing the product backlog and sprint planning.
  2. Develop scope and define backlog items (epic/features/user stories) that guide the agile software development team.
  3. Help understand and articulate ‘why’ we are doing work, ‘what’ it is we are building and ‘when’ it will be completed.
  4. Solve product related problems to stay on track towards business deliverable commitments.
  5. Guide and focus a team of developers, testers, plus other resource, toward achievement of the product roadmap.
  6. Work in a truly agile way, continuously reviewing the business needs, refining priorities, outlining milestones and deliverables, and identifying both opportunities and risks.
  7. Work closely with product management and senior management in order to create a product that fits the company vision
  8. Accountable for the created product, ensuring the product meets internal and external stakeholder expectations.

Competenze chiave


Experience working as a Product Owner in an agile environment including organizing, prioritizing and assessing work whilst working as part of a scrum team.


You must be able to clearly communicate the vision between the backlog items and the business goals along with being able to demonstrate the value to the scrum team.


You will need experience working in multi-disciplined, product led teams, collaborating with software engineers and product owners.


Experience of being a product owner in a complex, multi-faceted software environment. Our SaaS solution has many interdependencies and configurations which makes it a challenging environment but hopefully one you will love getting your teeth into.