Lead Front End Software Developer

Candidati per questa posizione

In a Nutshell

We are looking for a highly skilled Senior Frontend Developer, who will lead and deliver the next generation of front end for ENSEK using the latest technologies. You will initially work with cross functional teams to build out our design system for our family of products, delivering a newly designed user interface to our high-profile clients.

ENSEK have experienced Designers and Product Managers who understand the strategic importance of a good design guideline, we now need someone to help implement those principles across our platform.

Looking for someone technical to join our team, capable and willing, to play a key part in shaping the future of our SaaS platform and ensuring its ongoing success within the energy market. The aim is to launch our centralised component library with an initial selection of re-usable components and clearly defined foundation to build upon.


1. Someone who’s been here before, Experience of upgrading user interfaces at scale. The project will involve working with modern technologies in an Agile development environment.

2. Experience building component libraries and documentation, able to drive the technical side of the “How” to complement the “What” the rest of the team will bring.

3. Someone happy with a blank slate - We want you to be able to own and justify the choice of technology and approach to solving this problem, and communicate why it’ll work.

4. More than just writing code – we need someone who can set up the processes and tools that make it easy to do things the right way (using the component library).

5. Work with the PM and Designer to write documentation that makes developing in this framework a great experience.

6. Good Communicator & Mentor – you’ll be teaching other people how to use this system and be directly involved in growing a front-end team around you to serve the requirements of the business.

7. Oversee the development and delivery of user interfaces by other developers, providing consultation around our defined guidelines where needed.

Competenze chiave


Accompanied by a Platform Product Manager & Senior Product Designer, be able to produce a robust design system, style guides, standard UI components, and help developers implement them in live working products.


Confident of using the right tools and methods, helping development teams to self-serve and implement UI, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and consistency.


Being an advocate for agile ways of working, you know how to work in an iterative manner and the value of continuous improvement. You know how to effectively run and participate in scrum ceremonies such as stand-ups and sprint planning.


You’re passionate about problems being solved via UI and know which UX techniques and patterns can be applied to tackle those pr