Business Analyst - Migrations

Candidati per questa posizione

In a Nutshell

You will be a migration expert, responsible for working with new clients to support their migrations onto the ENSEK platforms. You will be client-facing, work closely with their operational and IT teams to help deliver migration strategies and support them with all aspects of data for migration. You will also liaise with internal technical teams at ENSEK to ensure that migration tooling meets client requirements and is able to be reused across different clients and migration projects.


  1. Develop a deep knowledge of the energy industry and ENSEK software products and solutions
  2. Work alongside client teams to migration strategies
  3. Articulate requirements to technical teams at ENSEK and work with them to ensure tooling is created
  4. Support clients to define ‘data readiness rules’ and identify reconciliation/ cleanse activities to support data readiness
  5. Work with client teams, project teams and internal QA to ensure quality measures are in place and success criteria defined
  6. Support with cutover and migration planning
  7. Work with the Senior BAs, internal technical teams and project teams to prioritise and plan multiple migrations
  8. Understanding and ensuring compliance with all regulatory organisations

Competenze chiave

Client Focus

You love client contact and have great stakeholder management skills at all levels. You will be able to work across multiple clients and build trusting relationships that deliver great results


Experience of large-scale migrations. Able to demonstrate detailed knowledge, know the common pitfalls and be able to coach clients and internal teams


You have an agile mindset and will have worked in an agile environment previously