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Centrica expands strategic partnership with ENSEK

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Emma Lovell, Senior Marketing Manager


Centrica expands strategic partnership with ENSEK to accelerate digital transformation and help position the company for growth

UK, XXst July 2021

Today, Centrica plc is announcing the expansion of its strategic partnership with ENSEK, the leading global retail energy Software as a Service provider, paving the way for the company to transfer its 6.9 million UK domestic energy supply customers and 450,000 small business customers to the platform by 2023.

The partnership will see Centrica scale up its offer of market-leading innovative products and services and improve the customer experience while reducing its cost to serve.

The launch of British Gas Evolve last year, using ENSEK’s Ignition platform, alongside software from Amazon and Salesforce, has already helped the company compete more effectively with challenger brands and respond to customers’ needs with more agility. This includes the ability to launch new customer propositions within hours rather than weeks.

Centrica already has more than 200,000 customers on the platform who benefit from a ‘digital-first’ experience, where they can interact seamlessly to understand, manage, and control their energy consumption and bill.

Because many complex processes can now be automated via ENSEK, there is more time to focus on customers' needs. This has led to British Gas Evolve creating and upskilling multi-disciplinary teams so that one person can handle customer queries end-to-end. This streamlining, which is part of the structural simplification of Centrica announced last year, has led to a 74 per cent uplift in "promoters" of the customer experience; these are customers that score their experiences as nine out of ten or higher.

Moving customers to ENSEK’s Ignition platform will also support Centrica's ambition to become one of the lowest-cost energy suppliers in the market, which is a key driver for growth and turning the business around.

Chris O’Shea, Group Chief Executive at Centrica, said:

“The expansion of our partnership with ENSEK is in line with our focus to deliver simpler and more personalised experiences for customers, which will help to position the company for growth. We have already seen the benefits that ENSEK has brought to our ways of working and the customer experience with British Gas Evolve, and this is something that we want to replicate across our entire UK energy supply business.”

Jon Slade, CEO of ENSEK, commented:

“We are delighted to continue our work with Centrica to support its growth goals. By leveraging ENSEK’s modern and flexible platform, Centrica is empowered to take greater control of its key customer touchpoints and respond quickly to customer needs in a rapidly evolving market. Continuous innovation is at the core of ENSEK’s strategy, as we look to enable digital transformation in the energy sector and accelerate the energy transition.”


About Centrica

Centrica is a leading energy services and solutions provider founded on a 200-year heritage of serving people. We are the UK’s biggest retailer of zero carbon electricity, serving around 10 million customers across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe through brands such as British Gas, supported by around 9,000 highly trained engineers and technicians. Centrica’s purpose of helping customers live sustainably, simply and affordably drives our strategy and our People and Planet Plan.

Centrica’s partnership with ENSEK was established in 2017. It enabled the development of Centrica’s SME offer ‘British Gas Lite’, where ENSEK provided the core platform to facilitate its online-serviced electricity product.


ENSEK’s purpose is to accelerate the digital energy transition.

As the business-critical technology to the world's leading energy suppliers, ENSEK's cloud native SaaS platform enables radical transformation - creating lean, customer-centric and adaptive retail businesses that are empowered to play their leading role in achieving net zero.

Beyond supply, the ENSEK platform aims to connect, orchestrate and optimise the billions of smart devices and assets that are key to a decentralised, digitised and decarbonised energy future.

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